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Review from J.B.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Feb 04, 2021

I had Teresa do my miradry procedure, but let me give you some backstory.My first date meeting my now wife was super embarrassing. I remember excusing myself to the bathroom, taking my shirt off and trying to dry my sweat marks from my shirt. It had become so bad, that anytime I would wear a button pits would produce more moisture than the geysers at Yellowstone. Most recently, I had a board meeting on a webinar and everyone could see the wet marks even with keeping my arms embarrassing.I tell you all of that to say, if you can relate at all....DO IT! The first day after was painful with swelling, until I cryo’d at TotalRegenCryo. I went axe throwing that evening with a long sleeve dress shirt on. It was the first time I’ve EVER wore a dress shirt that my underarms remained dry. Trust me, Miradry has changed my life and everyone at Sonterra was amazing. More

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