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Review from J.F.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 14, 2023

I'm the kinda of person who will not go to the doctor's unless I absolutely have to because I'm a relatively healthy person and don't have health insurance. I had an abscess on my tail bone/upper buttocks area that was causing me imense pain and discomfort. On the third day I couldnt bare it anymore and called about 15 doctor's offices and they either had different requirements or prerequisites for an appointment that would meet my healthcare needs like referrals, biopsies, or didn't perform the care I was requesting. Then I called Sonterra Dermatology - Stone Oak and I'm telling you I should have saved myself the time and just called them first because not only we're they willing to meet my health care needs they were also able to get me a next day appointment at their earliest time, which when your in pain makes a world of difference. Dr. James Neiner took excellent care of me and was the right amount of cautious about cutting into me. He actually talked to me and took my choices into great consideration when discussing my care options. We decided on a steroid shot and antibiotics regime incase my abscess was a cyst. The steroid shot practically popped the abscess which resulted in Dr. Neiner and I deciding that a continued popping and draining of the abscess would be the best course of action. After about 10mins of draining literal fluid ounces from my body I instantly felt better than I had in 4 days. Actual night and day difference. Dr. Neiner still prescribed me the antibiotic regime for obvious reasons and sent me on my merry way to schedule a followup. About $500 out of pocket for the whole experience and it was money well spent. Can't thank these guys and Dr. Neiner enough for the amount of pain they relieved me of. I can play with my daughter again and its all thanks to them. More

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