Bride-To-Be Adds CoolSculpting To Wedding Planning

Dr. Annabelle Garcia | 08/07/2023

Find out how Coolsculpting helped this Bride to Be get wedding ready!


Sonterra Dermatology Among First To Get Volux Filler

Dr. Annabelle Garcia | 01/11/2023

Dr. Annabelle Garcia’s A-List Injector status has put her first in line among dermatologists vying to get the first-of-its-kind filler.


New Vitiligo Treatment Restores Skin Color, Patient’s Confidence

Dr. Annabelle Garcia | 12/13/2022

Tara Robles didn’t always have vitiligo. It presented in her around the age of 40. She had just had her son. Initially, Tara didn’t seek treatment.


Texas A&M Engineering Student: Eczema Treatment

Dr. Annabelle Garcia | 08/25/2022

Texas A&M Engineering Student Says Eczema Treatment Made College Life, Studies Better.


Dr. Mom: Annabelle Garcia, M.D

Dr. Annabelle Garcia | 05/06/2022

Dr. Mom: Annabelle Garcia, M.D Opens Up About Motherhood and Raising Girls


Dr. Annabelle Garcia Rings In 10-Year Anniversary

Dr. Annabelle Garcia | 09/14/2021

Dr. Garcia and her team will celebrate their tenth anniversary this fall, 2021.


Saying Yes To Self-Care in 2021

Dr. Annabelle Garcia | 01/07/2021

Self-care isn’t always simple, but it's very important. After all, self confidence breeds success and feeling great can fuel productivity.


Sonterra Dermatology Brings PRP To Cosmetic Patients

Sonterra Dermatology | 10/09/2020

Sonterra Dermatology Now Offers PRP To Cosmetic Patients


Love Story Part II : Dr. Annabelle Garcia & Rene Garcia Partners in Life & Work

Erin Kirwan | 03/23/2020

It is often said that every great love story is driven by love, passion, and emotion. The story of Dr. Annabelle Garcia & Rene Garcia is no different.


Love Story: Dr. Annabelle Garcia and Rene Garcia; Partners in Life and Business

Dr. Annabelle Garcia | 02/14/2020

When you walk into Sonterra Dermatology, what you may not realize is that you are witnessing the unfolding of a love story.


Why I Consider Eczema My Baby

Dr. Annabelle Garcia | 01/22/2020

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is estimated to affect one to three percent of adults and 10 to 20 percent of children!


Sonterra Dermatology, Dr. Garcia Open Second Location Near Historic Pearl.

Erin Kirwan | 11/13/2019

Getting in with renown Dermatologist Dr. Annabelle Garcia and her top-tier of providers is now easier and a lot more convenient, south of San Antonio.


Dr. Garcia’s My Skin Crush

Sonterra Dermatology | 05/08/2019

I have a crush. I have a major, heart-pounding, desire-filled skin crush on my Dermatologist.


2018 Sonterra Dermatology Gift Guide

Sonterra Dermatology | 12/10/2018

As we approach the heart of the holidays this year, we thought it would be helpful to put together a 2018 Sonterra Dermatology Gift Guide.


Sonterra Dermatology Grows Dream Team

Sonterra Dermatology | 11/07/2018

Sonterra Dermatology is an all-female, all-mom, all-board certified team of insanely talented dermatologists making its mark in Stone Oak.


Sunscreen: Cutting Through the Confusion with Dr. Annabelle Garcia

Sonterra Dermatology | 04/18/2018

Most of us don’t feel like it’s reasonable or even necessary to cover up. Dr. Garcia wants to cut through the confusion about sun protection.


Lips 101: 12 Facts About Lip Volume & Filler

Sonterra Dermatology | 02/16/2018

If you think thick, full lips aren’t in, think again.


Freezing My Fat Never Sounded So Good

Sonterra Dermatology | 01/15/2018

CoolSculpting The Procedure (And First Few Days After)


Coolsculpting Results: Bye-Bye Bulge

Sonterra Dermatology | 01/15/2018

CoolSculpting Results: Bye-Bye Bulge


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